World's Largest Paddleball

Worlds Largest Paddleball

Believe me, you don't have to tell us because we already know what it means to have a respect for skill toys that is larger than life.  But, now it's about to be taken to an entirely new level and a literal one at that!

Enter the world's largest paddleball.  Courtesy of The Paddleball King, Steve Langley, he's about to set his 3rd Guinness world record.  Having already set 2 records with his favorite skill toy, it was time for a new feat of skill-toy awesomeness.  The first was done in Italy where Steve successfully controlled 7 paddleballs at the same time and the second was set after Steve painstakingly organized 356 people to control a paddleball simultaneously. 

But now?  Steve's about to smash another record using Paddlezilla, the 9-foot, custom monstrosity he'll use to snag the 'world's largest functioning paddleball' Guinness record. Go ahead and check Steve out here to see see it in action!

In addition to being The Paddleball King, Steve is also an accomplished juggler and professional entertainer with a deep love for skill toys and breaking records.  His primary motivator?  Making people smile and laugh.

Learn more about Steve's crazy skills and commitment to skill toys here at his personal page.



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