Juggling with Boing

Juggling with Boing

Boing light balls are certainly magical.  It's a personal favorite of mine as I love to throw one around when I'm trying to come up with new ideas for the blog or just to pretend I wield the power of plasmids from Bioshock. However, as much as I love tossing Boing around, there are plenty of jugglers out there that are far more adept at this than I am and have found an awesome companion with which to juggle in Boing.

So what makes Boing so great for juggling?  Well, for starters the outer shell is made from a textured material that provides an awesome grip for juggling.  Performance aside, the dazzling array of 9 colorful settings courtesy of the LEDs contained within that can be activated mid-juggle make it ideal for bringing color and a fresh style to any juggling act and with Boing's replaceable batteries you'll always be able to keep the show going.  Not to mention, having Boing Large and Boing Small available lets you decide which form factor's going to be best for you while also providing flexibility as you change up your routines over time.

Still not convinced?  Check out this excerpt from a recent interview we conducted with professional entertainer Steve Langley:

USAJ: When did you first learn to juggle?
Steve: I learned to juggle from a bartender, back in the early 80's, when I was a young chef, cooking and attending cooking school.

USAJ: Any advice for a beginning jugglers?
Steve: Practice, practice, practice. Even if you only practice 5 minutes...practice 5 minutes every day

USAJ: What makes Boing a great juggling ball?
Steve: The Boing is  a great prop/toy/ball because it makes any juggling pattern look more visual and more impressive. They light up the night, and always get attention when I use them on the job as a professional juggler. I love 'em!

Wanna see Boing juggling in action?  Go ahead and check out Steve of the "Fettucini Brothers" below and if you're still not convinced then you are pure evil.  Ok, that's harsh- it's entirely likely that you're just not a juggler and instead are just looking for the 'buy this awesome thing now' link so you can pick up a set for your cousin because you feel guilty about forgetting his birthday.

Ahem, here ya go.

Jim Marielli
Jim Marielli


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