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Astrojax Player Spotlight : Iriska

Welcome to our first ever Player Spotlight of Iriska!  We may be US Astrojax, but that doesn't mean we don't have friends and pros all over the world, so we decided to showcase exactly that by asking Iriska to answer a few questions all the way from her home country of Russia. Read on to hear about her origins with Astrojax, tips for aspiring pros, and some of her favorite reactions from adoring fans!

AGE: 16
PLAYER SINCE: 03/2011 

US ASTROJAX: For someone who's completely unfamiliar with you, tell the world a little about who you are and how you first learned of Astrojax.

Iriska: Now I'm a sixteen years old girl who is jaxing for 1.5 years. At first I was beginning my skilltoy career with yo-yo but it has come to bad end. Maybe because I had no fervor or no inspiration or no uniqueness because a lot of teenagers plays with yo-yo and I could be inconspicuous among them. Further I tried penspinning and rubik's cube but it was boring. No activity at all as in yoing or jaxing. And then I've noticed a link "Astrojax" at the russian skilltoy shop []. It was really big and bold and wery attractive so I wanted to play with it. I have felt that it was my way. But I haven't enough money for buying and that's why I've made my own astrojax from a yo-yo string and three very little balls. Now I can't imagine how I could play with them then, they're so little! Then I've bought aquas and pluses later and my skilltoy life has begun. Around the clock I watched ap-club tutorials and Cizrek's videos and it has worked out. Then I filmed my first jax video after two weeks jaxing, a month later I've come out on the scene and have  come to light.

US ASTROJAX: How many sets do you personally own?

Iriska: Now I have 14 sets of astrojax, 3 T-shirts, 1 hoodie and a lot of stickers.

US ASTROJAX: What is your absolute favorite trick?  The one that you could perform for hours without getting tired of it?

Iriska: When I jax I don't prefer any particular tricks, I love all tricks, all process of jaxing, that's why it's hard to choose one favourite trick. In a broader sense I like beautiful orbital tricks like turbine, hyper chimes and their variations.

US ASTROJAX: Where do you normally play?

Iriska: A lot of time I play at home and sometimes I jax outdoors when I'm hanging out with friends or walking around the city.

US ASTROJAX: When people see what you can do, what kind of reactions have you received?

Iriska: I have no negative reactions at all from people when I'm playing outdoors. They pass and look back at me, sometimes gawp and ask me about it. But recently I 've gotten into a nice situation; I was jaxing in the subway and a boy with biker helmet come to me with words "You're so beautiful, please show me more (tricks). Here's my phone number, let's walk together. I like you." It was very kindly :)

US ASTROJAX: How do you see the future of Astrojax evolving?

Iriska: It will be very cool if the amount of jaxers overtakes amount of yoers, if we have difficult competitions, battles for the first place and rank "Best Russian Jaxer", if we organize jax schools like yo-yo schools. I think I'll walk on air. But downing to earth there are few jaxers in Russia, so I can only build castles in the air.

US ASTROJAX: What advice would you give anyone who's trying to take their game to your level?

Iriska: First of all, you must believe you can play as well as I and overcome me. So many things is based on your faith in your strength. The second aspect is wish. You should really want it! Be zealous! "There's no happiness without desire." © Lope de Vega, "The dancing master".  Then listen your favourite music which can inspire you. And just play!!!

US ASTROJAX: What do you like to do when you're not practicing with your Astrojax?

Iriska: My freinds marvel at my interests and call me all-rounder girl. I love to read books, especially West Europe playwrighters. Then I'm fond of drawing. I draw everything I am impressed by; Books' & films' characters, online-game scenes, my favors etc. A short time ago I started to learn modern teenager's dance - jumpstyle. And I'm a sporstman - I'm in Russian amateur baseball team. :) I sucsessfully combine all my interests and everything is coming up with roses.

US ASTROJAX: Any final words of wisdom?

Iriska: Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. - Norman Vincent Peale. Astrojax: once and for all. Now and forever!



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December 07, 2018

I got started pretty much the same way. I tried yo-yos but there was no spark there so when I saw an ad for Astrojax on TV I just had to get one. They were hard to find but I checked the net and got one from a store in Canada. Since I’m in the US I had to wait weeks for it to arrive (regular mail) now I have lots of Astorjax and it’s a great skill toy.

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