Introducing Astrojax Jax-o-Lantern and Black Ops

With Halloween fast approaching we thought it was time to unleash the ghoulishly good looks of our latest Frankenstein-esque creation, Jax-o-Lantern!  Constructed of one pumpkin-perfect orange MX Pop and flanked by two mythical white MX Pops that you can't get standalone in any set, we specifically engineered this dastardly (but no less delectable) Astrojax limited edition for the discerning monster who might need to pacify a pitchfork and torch-wielding villager uprising quick, fast, and in a hurry!  Get 'em while we got 'em before they are forever locked away in The Vault.

Of course, if you're more the type to retaliate against a village uprising, we've also got you covered.  In celebration of a not-so-little-known shooter that's coming out soon that we're fond of around the office, we present to you Black Op Jax.  Fast.  Efficient.  A deadly combination of stealthy sophistication on one half with our cool, sapphire light-up, no-prisoner action on the opposite half, Black Op Jax are the perfect companion Astrojax set for the grizzled veteran of the skill toy underworld.  So don't get caught unawares as you venture out to your local game shops for the latest Call of Duty outing at midnight, let 'em know you're coming and let your Black Op Jax pride shine bright!

Remember, these are limited edition sets which will only be available until the end of October, so get on it now before they're locked away for good!



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