TRY THIS: Lolly Pop-Its

This is a game you can play with the Lolly move. If you are not familiar with the lolly, check out this video to learn how (it's easy to learn, takes some time to gain complete control):

Ok, so you have your astrojax, your have your friends, and now you need some items you can knock down: bottles, cans, antique collectibles (ESPECIALLY those).

Set up the knockdown-ables, say on a fence or a wall. First player then proceeds to try to knock down all the targets as quick as possible. Person with the quickest time wins.

Or, set a (quick) time limit and see how many a player can knock down in the allotted time. Person that knocks down the most, wins.

Other variations:

  • pin-the-lolly-on-the-target style. Blind fold player, set a time limit and see how many he/she can knock down.
  • lolly-pigeon. One person throws up a can, other play tries to lolly-blast them out of the sky before they land safely on the ground
  • LOLLY. This ones fun! Basically the basketball version of HORSE. One player "shoots" (for example: an under-the-leg lolly to knock down two cans in a row), second player tries to replicate. If they cannot knock down the target, they get a letter. First one to LOLLY loses.


Those are some suggestions. Got any ideas of your own? Be sure to share them in the comments. We'd love to hear them!

~~ OceanJax :)



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