Hi, my name is (*ticka ticka*)...

Allow myself to introduce... myself.

My name is OceanJax, contributing writer to the Jaxology blog and avid Astrojax player. And when I say avid, I mean as in "showing great enthusiasm for".

I want to say hello and let you know that I'll be dropping by quite often to post some Jaxology tips, tricks, and probably some wackiness too. We'll also be talking about other skill toys that I may or may not be good at :/

But alas! It will be fun, informative, and spelled correctly (I'm also a word nerd and Anti-Word-Spelled-Wrong-on-Websites Activist or AWSWOWA for short... I wouldn't say I'm an "avid" AWSWOWA-ist, but I'm pretty into it).

Also, I'm into these things:

  • rambling (as evident in above paragraphs)
  • writing (novels, poetry, and short stories... and we may have some story fun here at Jaxology)
  • coffee (when I say "into", I don't mean "swimming in")
  • iPad-ing (I like Androids too, I just like iPads more)
  • raising children (not yours, so please do not send them C.O.D. - also, what is C.O.D.?)
  • music (electronic, trance, reggae, ... groups include: Paul Wright, Rootdown, and MORE!)


And these are things I'd like to be into:

  • conferences (I got a thing for hotels and random people wandering around with nametags)
  • coffee (now that I think about it, a coffee pool sounds pretty sweet.. and energizing)
  • taking my AJ play to the next level (I want to be the Morgan Freeman of AJ, but I sit content at my Ashton Kutcher level of play for now. It certainly beats my previous Keanu Reeves level of play o_O )
  • and finally, you. I'd like to get to know you all better. I mean that sincerely as indicated my by lack of parenthetical comment following each previous bullet point.


So yeah. If you don't hate me by now after reading all that drivel (see above), leave comments. Ask questions. And let's have fun!





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