Astrojax Yellow Docking Station


This is a USAstrojax exclusive! This Docking Station is a Limited Edition! It's yellow, with a slight amount of glitter. Collect one while you can because when they're gone, they're gone!

Docking Stations are a great way to store your Astrojax. They offer quick and easy access to your Astrojax. Wrap your string around the Docking Station and throw them in your pocket. Or use the loop-through hole and wear around your neck.

This Docking Station is for use with the hard Astrojax V-Max and with the light-up Astrojax Saturn’s (including the original Saturn, Blue Diamond, and XTRA-Bright). This Docking Station is soft and flexible. The soft Docking Station is flexible and holds the balls firmly in place. There is a pointed tip on this Docking Station and it is intended to be used to turn the LEDs (lights) on and off. This version is intended for use with the V-Max and Saturns, but will also work with the Plus Astrojax.

Please Note: The limited edition Yellow Docking Station does NOT glow in the dark, and it does NOT work with Astrojax Aqua and MX versions.

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