US Astrojax Special Edition - Blue Star


  • The Mustang. Doctor Who. The illustrious Astrojax World Challenge Blue Star balls.

    Each proves that there’s nothing wrong with a modern twist on an established classic. So we’ve done just that by updating this handsome World Challenge set with searing pink MX String and Buds to match, all cradled within the tried-and-true MX dock to keep your gear secure!

    This hi-tech design minimizes friction and allows fast, smooth action when playing! The packaging includes one set of Astrojax and an MX Docking Station for easy storage!

    Set is made from the rare Astrojax World Challenge Blue Star balls. This custom set has been modernized with MX String Buds and MX dock.

    Astrojax Anatomy:
    3x World Challenge Blue Star Balls
    2x Neon Pink MX String Buds
    Neon Pink MX String
    White MX Dock

    Important Note: This Astrojax is custom made and assembled by hand. This item does not ship in retail packaging: Your shiny new, complete set of Astrojax will arrive in a clear resealable bag. Please be aware of this before placing your order.


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