Astrojax Trick Book


Get your classic collectors piece today! Way back in the 90's, hardcore Astrojax players had just the soft Plus Astrojax at their disposal. No V-Max, Saturn or Blue Diamond. No Trick CD-ROMs. No accessories at all… just a sweet set of Plus Astrojax and their limitless imagination! No one could stop them from advancing beyond basic orbits…so in a few short years players discovered and classified new styles of play. The new millennium brought the now-classic Astrojax Trick Book!

The AJ Trick Book contains 64 pages of detailed illustrations and the tricks are separated into 7 categories:
  • Starting Variations
  • Orbits
  • Rebound Tricks
  • Juggling Tricks
  • Body Tricks
  • Two-Handed Tricks
  • Team Tricks
Want a piece of Astrojax history? Ever wonder what one of the early Astrojax logos and artwork looked like? Then "Challenge the Chaos!” with the AJ Trick Book! It is a great way to get started and a must for serious Astrojax fans. This book is no longer in print so get your copy today!

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