Astrojax String: Neon Colors


Got a knot you just can’t seem to untie? Replacement strings are available to save the day. Our Astrojax neon day glow strings have a slightly elastic bungee feel to them. There is a definite difference in feel while playing. The softer neon strings cause slightly slower orbits, which can be great for learning new moves like consecutive switches. The neon day glow color is also well known for its ability to “glow” while in use with a black light! Great for use with a Saturn or Blue Diamond accompanied by a black light; the newly visible string allows for more control while playing in the dark!

Neon Day Glow Colors:

  • Neon Orange: Soft bungee feel, looks wild in black light!
  • Neon Yellow: Soft bungee feel, begs to be used with black light!
  • Neon Pink: Soft bungee feel, lights up in black light

Note: Strings listed above are not recommended for use with Astrojax Aqua

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