Astrojax Saturn Tuning Kit


Tuning Kits allow players to safely and easily pop out pins, change strings, and change balls. The two extra balls are great for tuning with your existing Astrojax. Use the Saturn Tuning Kit to make cool new Saturn sets! Lights are not as bright as high intensity LED balls. This Saturn Tuning Kit can also be used to create unique Saturn/V-Max hybrids-using half V-Max shells tuned with half Saturn shells. Or use a Saturn to create a lighted UFO. A UFO consists of two Plus end balls and a V-Max or Saturn middle ball. The UFO was named after Pro AJ Player Eric “daUFO”. Be the first player to create and name a new tuned Astrojax! No limits!

Saturn Tuning Kit includes:
Two clear shelled Saturn balls (2 batteries included/installed). LED colors are random. You will get 2 of the following 3 colors: Red, Yellow, Green (for example: Red & Green etc.).
Two Pins
Three strings (blue, neon yellow, and neon orange)
Pin Popper
Free pack of batteries included (10 batteries)

Choose from two band colors. Kits will include two balls with the same color band:

Please note: Static electricity sometimes triggers the LEDs to switch on, even while still in the packaging. Eventually the batteries will expire. Although this is rare, due to occasionally sets arriving with expired batteries we have decided to add a free pack of batteries (10 batteries). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Note: Tuning Kits are not complete Astrojax sets. They are used to customize your existing Astrojax.

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