Astrojax Saturn Ball


Each clear ball is a ready to play durable polycarbonate shell containing a specially tailored chip inside with two replaceable batteries (included). Each ball has two LEDs.

Choose from three different LED colors:

Choose from three different color bands:

Please note: Original Saturn Astrojax balls are not as bright as high intensity Saturn balls (Blue Diamond, X-TRA Bright etc.).

Safety Tips regarding batteries:

  • Never leave batteries sitting out.
  • Store spare batteries, and batteries to be recycled, out of sight and reach of younger children.
  • Check all household devices to be certain the battery compartment is secured shut.
  • Only purchase products that require a screwdriver or tool to open the battery compartment, or that are closed with a child-resistant locking mechanism.
  • Alert family members who wear hearing aids to the importance of keeping the batteries out of reach of smaller children at all times.
  • Never put batteries in your mouth, to test, to hold, or for any reason. They are slippery and easily swallowed.

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