Astrojax MX Mantle (Outer Ball)


The Mantle is the boldest part of your Astrojax display. That's why we wanted to make sure you had variety in how you choose to show off your skills and adjust your performance.

MX Pop mantles are revered for their starburst, easily grippable feel. They're harder and brighter than their softie counterparts (MX Sport) and are offered in neon yellow and orange. Mix it up however you want and tailor your Astrojax style just the way you want it!

You know the MX Sport mantle as the aggressively dimpled soft-foam material that puts that extra, cushioned bounce in your play. Nothing's changed here except that now, for the first time you can order up your colors individually to mix and match to your heart's content!

MX Vortex Mantle:
Orange (POP)
Yellow (POP)
Blue (SPORT)

Please note: Multiple mantles are pictured above for display purposes only. You are purchasing one mantle at a time.

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