Astrojax MX BRAZIL


  • Astrojax MX BRAZIL is the newest addition to the Astrojax MX family. Astrojax is a fascinating game that challenges one's skill and coordination. The premise is simple: There are three orbiting balls on a string. The results and choices for play are practically endless! All MX series parts are interchangeable and compatible with other sets, so players can mix and match colors in the MX Sport and MX Pop lines! Start with simple moves and learn increasingly complex and fun-to-watch tricks, or move onto free-style play.

    The new, soft and bouncy Brazil Edition is fun and safe to train your body and rebound tricks. Combine the parts to your personal like and style. All parts are easy to exchange and compatible with Astrojax MX Generation.

    New style string-bud. Now soft to the touch and you can easily adjust the string length to your individual body height.
  • Please note this MX does not come with a dock


    • Coming soon

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