Astrojax Aqua Glow


  • This UV shell liquid filled Aqua takes the Astrojax to another level! Rather than a central metal weight like standard Astrojax, the dynamics of the Aqua's fluid flow lowers the rotational inertia of the balls and the Aquas thicker and heftier circular weave strings provide smooth orbits and prevent tangling of the string around the center ball. The fluid dynamics gives the orbits, particularly vertical orbits, a slightly different feel than that of standard Astrojax.

    Stringbuds at each end of the string allows for quick and easy tuning. You can alter the length of the string to your particular style of play, or swap strings, buds or balls with other Aquas. The Aqua “Glow” Edition is packaged with an extra long, purple string and a spare orange stringbud. Collect the other editions and tune your own unique Aqua!

    Enter the next exciting era of Astrojax with the Aqua - Enter the Flow!

    Please Note: All Astrojax Aqua are carefully inspected to be in perfect condition before shipping. Astrojax Aqua are fluid filled and therefore are not intended for rough play.,, and Active People do not warranty the Astrojax Aqua against breaks, tears, cuts, etc. that may cause leakage. The Aqua have been tested and hold up firmly to normal Astrojax play. Please use your Astrojax Aqua in an appropriate manner of play. Docking Stations and Jewel boxes are not yet available for Astrojax Aqua editions.

    Additional Note: Water levels within each Aqua will vary from just over half full to nearly full. This is normal. Additionally, water levels may evaporate somewhat over extended periods of time.



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