The Most Embarrassing Astrojax Moment Winner is Decided!

Last week we put out a challenge to the community on our Facebook page (which, if you haven't 'liked' us yet we'd gee golly appreciate it) to tell us your most embarrassing Astrojax moment. There were a lot of great stories! Harrowing tales of rogue injuries caused by loaves of bread or even one fan having to demonstrate her mad jaxin' skills to a customs agent; Even Larry, the creator weighed in and while his story was good, we just can't see letting him win free Astrojax stuff- Sorry, Larry! So who walked away the victor?  Well, let's just say this titan of shamelessness didn't just walk away, but strutted. Here's the story. Colby, having just done a thousand one-handed pushups while rescuing 9 kittens from a burning orphanage, was walking back to his Lamborghini Gallardo when all of a sudden he spied a shady character trying to steal his bumper sticker!  Rather than immobilize the perp with his mind (which he can totally do), Colby instead reached for his trusty Astrojax. Just when the crook had recovered from being blinded by Colby's dashingly good looks, he made it only a single step before tripping over Colby's make-shift Astrojax bolo.  In classic fashion, Colby retrieved his bumper sticker and Astrojax, just before sending the mischievous scamp on his way and telling him to stay in school. Ok, we made up the part about the Lamborghini- it was actually the Batmobile because that's the only explanation for how one man can dish out so much justice.  For all of the details of Colby's masterful crime-fighting, head on over to our Facebook page! Congratulations, Colby!  You just won $25 store credit in addition to the mortified respect of all of us in the office.  May your strings never knot and your bumper stickers remain forever unsoiled by the fingers of injustice, you champion! Thanks again to everyone who submitted a story and be looking for more contests soon!  

This Weekend Only: Honoring our Heroes With Literal USAstrojax!

In honor of Memorial Day weekend, we're selling special red,white, and blue Astrojax sets for this weekend only.  As an added bonus, if you're a veteran or currently serving in the armed forces, we want to give you a discount as a small token of appreciation for all you've sacrificed so we can enjoy the freedom to do things like play with Astrojax. We don't truly have a great way to verify if you are serving or a veteran, so we're just gonna use the honor system and put the coupon code right here for you to use.  During checkout simply enter the coupon code AMHERO15 to receive 15% off your order. And to everyone else out there who's enjoying a 3-day weekend- Amidst cookouts and summertime fun, make sure you take a moment to be thankful for the freedoms you enjoy and remember the brave men and women that make it their duty to protect it. Happy Memorial Day, everyone!
May 23, 2012


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Video Throwback: The Early Days of Team TC

Time for another video!  In the early days of Astrojax, one group stood out as pioneers for the newest skill-toy on the block.  Team TC represents some of the best Astrojax players in the world and we've dug into the dark inner workings of YouTube to bring you a brief glimpse at the early days of some passionate jaxologists!
May 21, 2012


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Video Showcase: The Greatest Toy Ever Designed!

We know, throwing around terms like 'greatest' can get you in trouble nowadays, but regardless of your personal tastes I think we can all agree this is pretty awesome.  Check out our first video post on the site served up hot from our YouTube channel!

Are YOU A Jaxologist?

What is a Jaxologist you ask? Well, Webster's dictionary defines a jaxologist as:

jax - o - lo - gist    noun  

A person that is passionate about the perfection of skill-based toys such as Astrojax or an individual that is ruthlessly dedicated to the mastery of skill toys even at the expense of their personal well-being. Alright, we made that up- it's not in the dictionary, but it should be, because if you're reading this, that's precisely what you are! When we began Jaxology, we did so with one goal in mind- to be the absolute go-to source for anyone looking to master skill toys and learn how to get the most rewarding experiences out of the toys they're passionate about. Here you'll find all sorts of useful information like articles on how to properly maintain your toys, video interviews with renowned professionals, the sickest tricks, and the secret to immortality. ok, you got us- we might've embellished that last one a little too. We're not just about dispersing knowledge to you though because it's boring when one person just blathers on- we're just as excited to hear what YOU have to say! If there's one thing we've learned about skill toys, it's that every day someone, somewhere, is discovering something new. Whether that's a new trick, a shortcut to help out beginners, or just a creative video that makes people stop and think, your voice is important to us. Which, brings us to the most important piece of this introduction; We're passionate about building a community of great people who like having fun, staying active, and helping each other. In fact, it has to be a community because it'd be silly (yes, even for us) to claim we know EVERYTHING there is to know about skill toys. That's why we'll be looking to you and eager to post up your thoughts and advice just as much as we put out our own. Think you've got a great tutorial or just flat-out rant about Astrojax? Check out our writers guidelines, write it up, shoot it to us in an email, and if we choose yours as our post for the week you'll get a FREE *SOMETHING*. How's that for a slice of fried gold? So thanks for stopping by, fellow Jaxologist! We appreciate your checking us out, and be sure to subscribe and hit us up on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to stay up on the latest videos, tutorials, new toys, and more!