September 19, 2012


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The Breakdown of Astrojax V-Max

So you’ve gotten down with the Astrojax PLUS and learned ‘em front to back on account of our in-depth breakdown. But now? What about V-Max? What makes them so grand amongst the vast sea that is Astrojax? Read on.


This set was designed by Alex Hochstrasser. Introduced in 2003, the V-Max moniker is used as short-hand to indicate ‘maximum velocity’. Initially V-Max was released in Ruby Red, Ice Blue, and Citrus Yellow in 2002.  In '03, however, Emerald Green appeared briefly among a limited number of retailers.  USAstrojax was the only source that carried them after 2004 and remaining supplies were depleted in 2010. A virtually impossible-to-find clear pink V-Max appeared in Japan in 2004.

Features and Distinction

Aside from its colorful origins, V-Max Astrojax stand apart from their orbiting brethren in a variety of ways.

For starters, V-Max is constructed of the same polycarbonate material you find in bulletproof glass. Also, it features a machined metal weight. V-Max carries similar dimensions to the Plus and Saturn versions, however, with a height of 27.5mm and a diameter of 33mm while weighing in at an acceptable 17g. The reduced friction makes V-Max ideal for faster moves.

Attached via pins to the string ends, V-Max are available with a Docking Station or within a Jewel Box. While the stock colors (Ruby Red, Ice Blue, and Citrus Yellow) are widely available with a silver string, a series of individual V-Max balls were created in 2004 called Imagine, granting half of each ball a chrome finish versus a clear colored finish on the other half. These sets appeared for a limited time and now are so rare they can only be found exclusively at USAstrojax either individually or as a full set of 6! These collectors’ editions are:

  • Black Jack
  • Amber
  • Lagoon
  • Snow White
  • Pachuli
  • Hyper Frog

Also, it's worth mentioning that many players began 'frosting' the V-Max shells!  At some point we'll likely give a how-to guide that outlines this process, but basically it involves gently sanding the surface of the shells with a fine grit sandpaper to grant a frosted appearance.  Eventually players even began adding half V-Max shells to the clear shells of the Saturn edition!  Regardless of your tastes, it's clear the V-Max lent itself quite well to customization.   So much so that some players go absolutely berserk to tune V-Max balls with Plus or Saturn balls, even using string buds with standard Astrojax sets!

Now that you’ve got a better idea of where V-Max shines, check out this handy chart that outlines its strengths in the trick arena!