Video Slowcase: An Intimate Look at Chris Manic's Astrojax Skills in Slo-Mo!

Why slow case?  Because this video comes to you at a high framerate that's been slowed down so you can catch every detail of Chris Manic's performance.  

Straight out of NY circa 2008 when Larry Shaw, the inventor, invited some of the top players in the world to hang out, eat pizza, and showoff their skills.  Chris Manic, Cizrek, and Jason Simard made the trip where we all explored the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan to shoot some footage.  While we love shooting out in the open, our hunger to see Astrojax slowed down Matrix-style was satiated when Larry arranged to have quarter speed film footage shot in a New York film studio. Be looking for part 2 featuring Cizrek soon, but for now feast your eyes on what we captured!

On behalf of Astrojax fans worldwide, we'd like to wish
Chris Manic a Happy Birthday!

Video Throwback: ChrisMANIC

Time for another showcase of just how dazzlingly spectacular a true Jaxologist can be.  Chris has been a player since as early as 2002 and it shows.  Even back then he had a natural intuition and and flawless form, seamlessly transitioning from one trick to the next. Check it out here!