YoYoFactory Too HOT Yo-Yo - Red + FREE STRINGS


  • US National YoYo Champion, Harold Owens III finally shows off his new signature metal yoyo, the TOO H.O.T. We released a prototype of this a few months back that had extremely high popularity and demand. After some fine tuning, we have finally got it right and we couldn’t be happier. With a blasted finish, the TOO H.O.T comes in a plastic collectors box just like the Protostar, and comes stock with a center trac bearing and white CBC Pads.

    Includes 5 FREE Strings

    Manufacturer: YoYoFactory
    Weight | 65g
    Diameter | 56.43mm
    Width | 44.6mm
    Gap Width | 4.72mm
    Bearing | CBC Large Center Trac Bearing
    Response | CBC Large Slim Pads

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