YoYofactory ONE


  • The ONE, as the name suggests is the One yo-yo beginners should flock too. This no-frills model features a butterfly shape, solid performance, and an attractive price. It also features silicone response, ball bearing, and interchangeable caps. More than that though, this model is virtually maintenance free so you can spend more time perfecting your tricks.

    Includes 1 spare string. 

    • Manufacturer: YoYoFactory
      Shape: Winged
      Weight: 56.5g
      Diameter: 53mm
      Width: 40mm
      Gap Width: 4mm
      Axle or Bearing Type: YYF HALF SPEC Bearing (.125 x .500 x .187)
      Stock Response System: CBC Slim Pad Size 19mm OD

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    Category: YoYoFactory

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