Yomega X Brain Green


  • The Yomega X Brain was born during the craze of the late 90's leaving it's mark in yo-yo history! This yo-yo was created with a centrifugal return mechanism, 'beefing' up the 'Brain' from its original version of the Brain Classic. Throw a sleeper and then watch it automatically return to your hand! Choose from four cool colors and each yo-yo comes packaged with extra string! Get your piece of yo-yo history today!

  • Manufacturer: Yomega
    Shape: Modified
    Weight: 56.7g
    Diameter: 57.2mm
    Width: 31.8mm
    Gap Width: 3.175mm
    Axle or Bearing Type: Transaxle
    Stock Response System: Starburst/Centrifugal Clutch

Collections: Yo-Yo, Yo-Yo's of the 90's

Category: Yomega

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