[YO]2 G-Spin Yo-Yo

Active People

  • The [YO]2 G-Spin features a large C-size ball bearing as well as a wide winged profile which advanced players will love! Check out the radical metal rims! Also sports extended center poles enabling hybrid spin top tricks! Response can be adjusted slightly by tightening or loosening the gap.

    Discover the [YO]2 line developed and designed by ACTIVE PEOPLE in Switzerland!  The [YO]2 Triple Action is manufactured to the high test standards in materials and Yo-Yo technology. 

  • Manufacturer: ACTIVE PEOPLE
    Shape: Winged
    Weight: 68g
    Diameter: 57mm
    Width: 45mm
    Gap Width: 3mm
    Axle or Bearing Type:  C Bearing
    Stock Response System: Starburst

Collections: Yo-Yo

Category: Active People

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