[YO]2 Flex Gap Yo-Yo Blue/Yellow

Active People

  • The advanced trick yo-yo with concave stainless steel ballbearing and elastic rubber rims. A sophisticated mechanism lets you adjust the width of the gap for different playing styles, even offstring and freestyle. Tune it to your individual playing style: sporty, fast, freestyle, or offstring.

    Discover the [YO]2 line developed and designed by ACTIVE PEOPLE in Switzerland!  The [YO]2 Triple Action is manufactured to the high test standards in materials and Yo-Yo technology. 

  • Manufacturer: ACTIVE PEOPLE
    Shape: Winged
    Weight: 65g
    Diameter: 58.5mm
    Width: 38mm - 41mm
    Gap Width: 1.6mm – 4.8mm - Adjustable (Click System)
    Axle or Bearing Type: C Bearing
    Stock Response System: Starburst

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Category: Active People

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