Xa Lime Green

Active People

  • Stretch your imagination with Xa™ (pronounced “Ksa”)! This super-elastic ball has endless play potential. Fun for all ages, adults, kids, and even seniors: a great fidget toy and motor skills item. A sensory toy with an inviting tactile nature.

    Please note: Elastic skin is made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber). Thermoplastic rubber is a safe alternative to latex and silicone. It is 100% phthalates and latex free!

    A few ideas:

    • Shoot it: Fire it into the sky like a super-charged rubber band! Careful, this thing really launches!
    • Bounce it, Stretch it: Blow up a balloon in Xa! How much will it stretch? Add just enough air to make a bouncy Xa ball, or blow it up to the size of a basketball! Draw faces on a balloon and make them pop out of the Xa holes! A fun improvised fidget toy...
    • Splash it: Put a water balloon or wet sponge inside for wet summertime fun!
    • Sock toss it: Add a colorful sock to make it a shooting comet, or practice your soccer juggling skills - alone or as a team!
    • Snack it: Stretch it over fruit for a padded healthy snack!
    • Juggle it: Put fun items inside, or even your favorite ball for an added layer of fun! Create, throw, kick, catch, and bounce, with adaptable Xa balls!

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