para2 ONE Paddleball Yellow

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  • Prepare to change the way you think about this classic toy!

    para 2 is the concept, and the first model is the para2 ONE. A fresh look at paddleball that will open new dimensions and techniques of play. Be a part of an exciting paddleball future and push the limits of back and forehand play!

    Advanced new features bring a whole new sport feel to paddleball:

    • Switch Gap = enables back & forehand play
    • Asymmetric Shape = makes sideways strokes easy
    • 2 hole setup = service & play options
    • Service Ball = string storage & length adjustment
    • String Channel System = neat and hidden string placement
    • Ergonomic Handle = durable, sporty play

    p2 Playing ball: The playing ball is made in one piece of durable, soft and lightweight PU foam. The rebound and response impact behavior is perfect for beginners to advanced and pro-players.

    p2 Ring: For simple string attachment and change, balls come with the p2 ring with multiple functions:

    • loop-in attachment
    • tail-on option - not included, try a ribbon - (see image above)
    • connecting belt for service ball
    • The ring serves as well to lock the service ball in hole 1.

    p2 Service ball: Made out of 2 identical halves and high grade silicon material for smooth handling. Stores additional string and makes adjustment of string length easy, precise and in a matter of seconds.

    Coming Soon:
    p2 String: Different paddleball string in different materials!
    traditional natural rubber-string
    high-elastic p2super string from super-slim to pro-version

    For the first time, paddleball players will have a choice of individual string options according to needs, preferences and level of play!

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