Going Swing Batteries


Light 'em up!

Got big plans for the weekend and need to stay powered up? Buy in bulk and save! Choose as many as 5 battery packs to save big!

Number of batteries needed: 2 per ball

Note: Batteries are not compatible with Going "Large" edition. Going Large uses standard AAA batteries.

Safety Tips:

Never leave batteries sitting out.
Store spare batteries, and batteries to be recycled, out of sight and reach of younger children.
Check all household devices to be certain the battery compartment is secured shut.
Only purchase products that require a screwdriver or tool to open the battery compartment, or that are closed with a child-resistant locking mechanism.
Alert family members who wear hearing aids to the importance of keeping the batteries out of reach of smaller children at all times.
Never put batteries in your mouth, to test, to hold, or for any reason. They are slippery and easily swallowed.