Came-Yo Mondial


  • The Came-Yo Mondial hit the yo scene in 1998 and wowed players with its ratchet-like adjustable gap and rubber rims! It's shape and light weight aluminum design allows smooth long sleep times. Easily adjust the gap by a twist of the yo-yo as it adjusts by half the width of a human hair! Another unique added bonus is that the bearing is self lubricating, just add some thick lube on the side and it releases into the bearing over time! This yo-yo is no longer manufactured by Came-Yo so it is super rare and collectable. Although it is now licensed to Duncan, it is still hard to find. Get the original Came-Yo Mondial while you can! Comes in 5 different colors and includes a 5pk of extra string. Each yo-yo has a unique serial number. Manufactured in Germany.

  • Manufacturer: Came-Yo
    Shape: Modified Winged
    Weight: 54g
    Diameter: 60.3mm
    Width: 28.6mm
    Gap Width: 3.2-4mm
    Axle or Bearing Type: Bearing 
    Stock Response System: Turbo Disc

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Category: Came-Yo, Collectable

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