Yomega Firestorm Gold


  • The Yomega Firestorm has the transaxle system allowing for smooth spins and longer sleep times compared to fixed axle yo-yo’s. Another unique feature is the wider gap compared to most of the modified type transaxle yo-yos that Yomega made during this time period. This yo-yo came in many different looks ranging from your favorite sports team, suprising you in a McDonald's Happy Meal, to even being an award for passing THP spinner level! A great yo-yo for beginners and intermediate players at a great price! Comes in four fun colors.

  • Manufacturer: Yomega
    Shape: Modified
    Weight: 54g
    Diameter: 57.2mm
    Width: 31.8mm
    Gap Width: 9.5mm
    Axle or Bearing Type: Transaxle
    Stock Response System: Starburst

Collections: Yo-Yo, Yo-Yo's of the 90's

Category: Yomega

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