Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine Black

Tom Kuhn

  • (Back in the day...) Tom Kuhn did it again! The Sleep Machine was the first wooden yo-yo to feature a ball bearing, pushing wooden yo-yo sleep times beyond what was thought possible. Own a piece of yo history by getting your hands on a Sleep Machine! Another great feature is the adjustable gap: easily take the yo-yo apart and follow the simple instructions printed on the inside of the yo-yo! The Sleep Machine is essentially the same as the Roller Woody except that the Sleep Machine sports a winged profile. This is another must-have and there is a very limited number in stock. Packaged with 5 extra strings in a very nice collector's box. Made in the USA, 1998. Comes in 2 collectable two-toned color schemes!

  • Manufacturer: Tom Kuhn/BC YoYo (What's Next Mfg.)
    Shape: Wigged
    Weight: 62.4g
    Diameter: 55.6mm
    Width: 35mm
    Gap Width: 3.2-4.2mm
    Axle or Bearing Type: Bearing
    Stock Response System: N/A

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