Tom Kuhn No Jive Maple Leaf

Tom Kuhn

  • Tom Kuhn, 'father of the modern yo-yo', teamed up with BC YoYo (What's Next Mfg.) to release this hardwood beauty! The No Jive Maple was Dr. Kuhn's very first production yo-yo dating back to 1977. Legend has it only 20-25 were made for friends and family. The No Jive Maple was reintroduced to yo-yo players in the 1990's and we have a limited supply on hand! This maple yo-yo is an essential wood yo-yo collectable - you may regret not grabbing one once they are gone! Comes with 5 extra strings and a velvet bag for storage. Made in the USA, 1990's (exact year unknown).

  • Manufacturer: Tom Kuhn/BC YoYo (What's Next Mfg.)
    Shape: Classic
    Weight: 51g
    Diameter: 55.6mm
    Width: 33mm
    Gap Width: 4.8mm
    Axle or Bearing Type: Wooden Axle
    Stock Response System: N/A

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