Kendama USA: Tribute Kendama Translucent Red

Kendama USA

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  • Passion, fury, whatever your interpretation of red might be a good time to re-evaluate it. The translucent red Tribute Kendama carries all the boldness of this signature color but with a unique flavor offered by the muted wood grains that peak out from underneath. These handsome Tamas offer the bold colors of the original with a candy-translucent sheen that lets the individual wood grain of each ball shine brightly.

    The Tribute Kendama offers stylish looks with unyielding performance. Its characteristic beech wood design is the result of sustainably gathered materials which allow it to carry the FSC certification for sustainable forestry.

    Notable features include:
    Durable, low friction, beveled handle design
    The Ken is thicker towards middle, improving balance and weight distribution for technical tricks
    Can be easily re-strung without taking the handle apart to accommodate left and right-handed players
    String features high-quality weave with greater flex and strength
    Contemporary sarado (crosspiece) design does not separate from Ken as in traditional designs

    Each Tribute Kendama arrives in pro packaging with an instruction manual, free stickers, and a replacement string/bead packed in. You'll get as many hours of quality play from The Tribute as went in to making it a timeless experience worthy of the professional player.


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