Catchy Street Kendama: Green

Catchy Kendama

The Catchy Street Kendama is a great all around kendama, and it is highly recommended for any player who wants to take their Balance Tricks to a whole new level.

The Catchy Street features oversized cups and a particularly large base cup. These oversized cups are a landmark innovation which make learning balance tricks easier for beginners. This kendama also features a durable, rubberized paint that softens every catch, making cup and balance tricks easier to learn.

But this kendama isn’t just for beginners.

When it comes to advanced tricks nothing is more important than the overall balance of the kendama. When first looking at this kendama one might expect that the weight distribution and balancing would be off due to the increased size of the cups. However, Catchy Kendama really put their engineering skills to work to ensure this wasn’t the case. The base cup of the Catchy Street features a hole that was drilled out to ensure perfect quality was acheived in terms of weight and balance on this kendama, making the Catchy Street ideal for the beginners and advanced players alike.

Although an unconventional kendama due to its slightly over sized cups, the Catachy Street Kendama is one of our favorite kendamas and was also the first kendama for some of the team members. It is featured in some of our videos to teach Balance Tricks such as Lighthouse Flip.

Manufacturer's Description of The Catchy Street Kendama
The Catchy Street Kendama offers a completely unique feel and experience, making it one of the easiest kendamas to learn and master tricks on. The Catchy Street uses slightly over sized big/small cups for easier catches and an over sized bottom cup, making one of the most popular tricks, lighthouse, easier than ever before. The rubberized sticky paint used on the ball offers increased grip, durability, and minimizes paint chips. The drilled out weight from the bottom cup ensures that the weight and balance is correct, and makes the more difficult balancing tricks easier to learn.

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