Astrojax V-Max Tuning Kit Bundle


  • Buy 3 V-Max Tuning Kits to make 2 FULL sets of Astrojax…and save some cash while you’re at it! 

    The V-Max hi-tech design minimizes friction and allows fast, smooth action when playing. This Exclusive USAstrojax bundle gives you 3 Tuning Kits.  Mix and match ball colors (orange, purple), and change string colors (blue, yellow, grey).  Each kit includes 2 balls, 3 string, 2 pins, and 1 pin popper. 

    Need a couple of Jewel Boxes to hold your 2 sets of Astrojax?  Choose this option above to get 2 for the price of 1! Please Note: Jewel Box color will vary.  To learn more about the Jewel Box, click here.




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