Astrojax V-Max: Jewel Box Edition


  • This hi-tech design minimizes friction and allows fast, smooth action when playing! The Astrojax V-MAX comes with a docking station (not pictured), and a clear jewel box in red, blue or yellow (color varies).

  • Please Note: The clear Jewel box (pictured) is no longer available. Jewel box color will vary from one of the following colors: Ruby Red, Ice Blue or Citrus Yellow.

  • Please Also Note: The yellow Astrojax (pictured) is no longer available. Please choose from two bright transparent Astrojax colors: Ruby Red or Ice Blue.
  • Opening and closing your Astrojax Jewel Box: simply twist inner circular key about 12 degrees clockwise to open! Twist counterclockwise to lock!

    FOR FUN!... Tune your Jewel Box! Yes, you can tune your Jewel Box by mixing different colors. Your Astrojax Jewel Box can be easily disassembled, tuned with other colors, and reassembled for a unique look!

    Important Note: Packaging may vary. When standard retail packaging is depleted, some orders will ship in bulk packaging: A complete set of Astrojax may be packaged in clear resealable bag. Please be aware of this before placing your order.


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