Astrojax Plus Tuning Kit Bundle


  • Buy 3 Plus Tuning Kits to make 2 FULL sets of Astrojax…and save some cash while you’re at it! 

    The Plus is perfectly suited for beginners but also for advanced players since it was especially designed for dynamic swing and rebound tricks in which the player allows the balls to bounce off his/her body or even off the floor or walls. This Exclusive USAstrojax bundle gives you 3 Tuning Kits.  Mix and match ball colors (green, yellow), and change string colors (orange, yellow, blue).  Each kit includes 2 balls, 3 string, 2 pins, and 1 pin popper. 

    Need a couple of Jewel Boxes to hold your 2 sets of Astrojax?  Choose this option above to get 2 for the price of 1!  Please note: Jewel Box color will vary.  To learn more about the Jewel Box, click here



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