Astrojax Jewel Box


Some players demand a unique and stylish way to carry and display their Astrojax. The Astrojax Jewel Box meets these demands. The Jewel Box is made from the same high quality polycarbonate as the V-Max and Saturns. It features a cool built-in locking mechanism. Drop each Astrojax ball into the shell and wrap the string around the middle for a great display of your Astrojax set!

Available colors:

  • Ruby Red
  • Citrus Yellow
  • Ice Blue

Please note: The Jewel Box is not compatible with the Astrojax Aqua or MX editions. Also, the plain Clear color (pictured) is no longer available.

For fun... Tune your Jewel Box! Yes, you can tune your Jewel Box by mixing different colors. Your Astrojax Jewel Box can be easily disassembled, tuned with other colors, and reassembled for a unique look!

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