YoYoFactory Regen: Black


  • After an unbelievable 2014 run, Gentry Stein start the year off with something fresh. YoYoFactory and Gentry got together to create something totally new and completely unexpected. The Gentry Stein Regen is a machined plastic yo-yo, meaning that it uses the same precision and manufacturing technique as a high end metal yo-yo, but with a smooth plastic finish. The shape is reminiscent of Gentry’s previous signature model, the Super G. Performance is amazingly smooth and the best part is that there is no anodize to scratch off, so dings won’t take away the color! The Regen is limited in production, available in black or white with a stock Center Trac Bearing.

    • Manufacturer: YoYoFactory
      Shape: Winged
      Weight: 67.3g
      Diameter: 56.3mm
      Width: 43.62mm
      Stock Response System: CBC "Slim Pad" Size 19mm OD

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    Category: YoYoFactory

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