YoYoFactory 888 (Eight8Eight): Blue


  • The 888 marks the beginning of a revolution. Until very recently, full metal yo-yos were more of a novelty than high skill competition yo-yos. In 2007, YoYoFactory’s design team decided to change the way metal yo-yos were viewed. The goal was to create a metal yo-yo that offered such drastic performance improvements over all other yo-yos on the market that it would become the new benchmark in modern yo-yo performance. It’s machined with the same accuracy that is used in the aerospace industry and spins so smooth, you can barely feel it spinning!

    The undersized shape and tumbled 6061 aluminum create a comfortable, smooth shape & surface. The large Central Bearing Co. SPEC Bearing and silicone response system enable the yo-yo to spin longer than most ever imagined. To top it off, the 888 features YoYoFactory’s patented triple bearing “Hubstack” technology, which enables the user to hold the yo-yo in their fingertips while it’s spinning.

    Blue can be calming, but it can also cross the line into hypnotic. If you’re the type of player who likes to dabble in both to keep your fans mystified consider this almost-too-blue 888!

    • Manufacturer: YoYoFactory
      Shape: Winged
      Weight: 67.8g
      Diameter: 50mm
      Width: 40mm
      Gap Width: 4.67mm
      Axle or Bearing Type: Large SPEC Size C
      Stock Response System: CBC "Slim Pad" Size 19mm OD

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