Zeekio Yo-Yo Space Monkey: Purple

Yo-Yo Zeekio

  • Space Monkey has an aerodynamic feel to it that is unmatched with its dead smooth tricks. The Space Monkey is a solid 67 grams but feels light in the air. With a slick dramatic V shape, this yoyo fits well in the hands of all of this planet’s humans.

    For the ostentatious monkey, the slick aerodynamic properties of Space Monkey remain intact along with your daring style as you take this for a spin. Tricks will look dazzling regardless of the color, but this awesome metallic purple no doubt makes a statement.

  • Manufacturer: Zeekio
    Shape: Winged
    Weight: 67g
    Diameter: 54mm
    Width: 40mm
    Gap Width: 4.76

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