[YO]2 Dark Gem Yo-Yo Green

Active People

  • The elegant free spin yo-yo. The perfect choice for learning the basic tricks and 'loop the loop' action. It can be opened for easy maintenance.

    Discover the [YO]2 line developed and designed by ACTIVE PEOPLE in Switzerland! The [YO]2 Dark Gem is manufactured to the high test standards in materials and Yo-Yo technology.

    Includes Trick CD-ROM! Check out European yo-yo champion Jan Schmutz give step by step instructions to the art of Yo!

    • Manufacturer: ACTIVE PEOPLE
      Shape: Classic
      Weight: 53g
      Diameter: 57mm
      Width: 33.5mm
      Gap Width: 3mm
      Axle or Bearing Type: Axle
      Stock Response System: Starburst

    Collections: Yo-Yo

    Category: Active People

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