Paddle Ball Proto - Phoenix Fire Glow

Paddle Ball Proto

Paddle Ball Proto Limited Edition* (Phoenix Fire Glow) is hot to the touch! Not to mention easy on the eyes. Bright orange stain over figured hickory wood, makes a stunning paddle that’s truly a rare bird! This set is for the daring, so it includes two 48mm sponge rubber balls and two fire glow balls. Along with a fiery blend of synthetic (white) and industrial (black) rubber cord.

*All limited edition paddles come housed in their own custom graffiti box. Special message on back.

US Astrojax is pleased to introduce PADDLE BALL PROTO! Conceived and created by master craftsman Evan Webb, this new paddle is a game changer. Obviously beautiful, surprisingly satisfying...this new paddle is much like it's inventor: energetic, fun, and inspired! In Evan's own words:

"My name is Evan Webb, I'm a inventor who specializes in musical instruments. I also love skill toys that teach rhythm and coordination. This winter I set out to re-think, re-design and re-invigorate the classic American toy known as Paddle Ball. The end result is now the best preforming paddle and ball set ever manufactured! It's also based on a simple system which allows the users to invent new tricks never seen before! It feels good to make something that really works. I hope you can appreciate the great potential for this new skill toy. One that deserve a little attention. Long overdue attention! ; ) Paddle on dude!
Yes! And now the sales pitch...

"This is PADDLE BALL PROTO! The hot new double action paddle ball! American made from genuine 3/4” thick hickory wood! Designed to work! Built to last! Feel the power and interaction between brute force and kinetic energy. Propel the extra large rubber ball 10 feet forward, up or even down! PADDLE BALL PROTO comes complete with multiple ball and rubber chord sizes. Pick a favorite, experiment and customize your paddle performance like a pro!"

Things to keep in mind...This paddle is a foot long and weighs a pound. It actually takes effort and skill to use. However, it works so well you can't put it down. Another thing to remember. I make them by hand. It's made by a human being and it takes hours not minutes to complete one single paddle.

Here's what you get when you buy...One finely finished Paddle Ball Proto. Two sponge rubber balls. (1 7/8" and 2" diameter) One ball will be attached to a white rubber cord and the other a black rubber cord. Plenty of extra to! This is industrial strength rubber. Not what you had as a kid. In-fact, just erase every experience you ever had with a paddle ball toy. Get ready for the way it should have always been! LOTS OF FUN!

(US Design Patent Pending)

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